Many leaders and consultants today are focused on helping businesses reach sustainability. At Paradoxum, we do things a little differently - We believe that a business's potential impact does not end with sustainability, but is maximized by obtaining regeneration.


Business systems are functioning in a state of health and demonstrate an understanding of the overall ecosystem they are part of; consistent actions stimulate evolution of the community and ecosystem.

Every business is an interconnected system made up of 6 core impact areas: Co-Creators, Earth, Community, Customers, Organizational Operations, and Investors. Together, we help our clients achieve a state of regeneration in their businesses!

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About Paradoxum

Paradoxum Consulting was formed out of our co-founders passionate belief that regenerative businesses are the best way forward. In addition to their educational expertise and professional experience, they spent over two years immersed in all things regeneration and business development to create effective and adaptive tools to help your business move into a state of regeneration!

Ashley and Arianna

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We respectfully acknowledge that Paradoxum Consulting is headquartered on the ancestral and unceded territory of the Coast Salish People.