Paradoxum Consulting, founded in 2018 by Tacoma residents Ashley Sloan and Arianna Thornton-West, grew out of shared passion and commitment to help business reach their potential and thrive. Through their work and research they discovered the power of regenerative businesses – business that stimulates evolution of their ecosystem.

They developed a unique and powerful approach to help businesses move into a state of regeneration, creating a significant, positive impact in their communities and the environment while making a profit. They seek to help businesses move away from fragmented thinking into whole systems approaches that effectively and responsibly work with our complex environmental and social systems.

Our co-founders met while working at a non-profit agency dedicated to workforce development, and their partnership through Paradoxum has only further ignited their passion for advancing human potential and thrivability. They believe growing people with knowledge, conscious capacity and empathy is essential to growing resilient businesses and communities. 

We envision a world where being a strong steward of the environment, an investor in workforce and community, and a profitable business is no longer a paradox. Rather the ability to operate with people, planet and profit in mind is seen as resilient, smart business.

Paradoxum is instilling regenerative practices into business operations and leaders, while making sustainability and its benefits accessible to all businesses and communities.

Ashley is a proud citizen of the Muscogee (Creek) Nation and a Washington State native. In her role as Co-Founder and Regenerative Business Strategist with Paradoxum Consulting, Ashley applies her passion for helping businesses, communities and people thrive. Ashley specializes in process improvement, alliance and capacity building, change management, and community engagement to help her clients achieve meaningful and lasting success,

Her Master’s Degree in Public Administration and Non-Profit Management, along with over a decade of experience in the non-profit sector and both state and tribal government, have provided her with a powerful ability to find creative solutions for a variety of challenges.

Co-Founder and Regenerative Business Strategist, Arianna is driven by her commitment to create opportunities for people and planet to thrive. Over the last 12 years, she has worked in various industries including hospitality, sales, marketing and workforce development.

Arianna leverages her Master’s of Science in Management and Leadership degree, TRUE Advisor certification, industry insights and commitment to regenerative business to partner with her clients in designing and implementing creative and profitable solutions.

We respectfully acknowledge that Paradoxum Consulting is headquartered on the ancestral and unceded territory of the Coast Salish People.