To get to a place we’ve never been, we must think and act in a way we never have. Therefore, to reach a state of regeneration in business, we need to approach the work differently! Ashley and Arianna have developed a unique and powerful approach that they apply in their work to help their clients achieve incredible results.

The Paradoxum Approach is rooted in 6 key principles, outlined in the model below: 1) In-depth Discovery, 2) Advantageous Perspective, 3) Holistically Designed Strategies, 4) Creation of Collectives, 5) Implementation and Integration, and 6) Refinery.

We have seen the power these principles have when applying them to business problems and goals of any size.

The Regenerative Business Framework is pivotal in moving your business into a state of regeneration and is at the core of all we do. The Framework illustrates the ecosystems and impact areas inherent in every business – Earth, Co-Creators (Employees), Community, Customers, Organizational Operations, and Investors.

Each of these impact areas are interconnected and vital to your business. By utilizing The Paradoxum Approach to dive into each of the six areas, we begin by identifying and measuring what each of these systems currently look like and craft realistic targets to help your business reach a state of regeneration! 

We respectfully acknowledge that Paradoxum Consulting is headquartered on the ancestral and unceded territory of the Coast Salish People.